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August 29, 2022

Here's a message from the Mechanicsville Community Association's working group opposed to the NCC;s proposed embassy precinct.

Today please write to Tobi Nussbaum CEO of the NCC

( and copy his assistant

Send Mr. Nussbaum 2 messages.

1) Tell him to call off his lawyers and endorse the Mechanicsville Community Association (MCA) for full Party status at the Ontario Land Tribunal hearings into the NCC’s proposed Embassy Precinct in the Lazy Bay Commons. Nussbaum’s lawyers are trying to block the MCA, a legitimate community group, from speaking for the public interest.

2) Tell him to meet with Yasir Naqvi to plan the move of the NCC’s proposed Embassy Precinct to Tunney’s Pasture.

Yasir Naqvi, our MP, wrote to Nussbaum strongly objecting to the NCC’s deplorable conduct and also arguing for the NCC’s Embassy Precinct to be moved to Tunney’s Pasture and to retain the Lazy Bay Commons as greenspace.

Kitchissippi Ward's councillor, Jeff Leiper, has publicly criticized the NCC’s cynical legal ploy of seeking to block the MCA at the OLT hearing. Here is the text of 3 Tweets from Mr. Leiper this weekend. .

“The NCC is preparing to block the request by @MechanicsvilleC to be a participant in the upcoming embassy row hearing. As a participant, it would have the ability to call witnesses, cross-examine, introduce evidence. MCA is professionally represented by a veteran planning lawyer. “While the City's lawyers will defend Council's rejection of the proposal, MCA participation will ensure the fullest possible hearing of the issues in play. My urging to the City has been to support MCA's full participation when the matter is before the case management conference. “To the @NCC_CCN, my urging is to drop the procedural wrangling. Back the lawyers off and let residents, professionally represented, make their case. It will be a better hearing when their arguments get a full and fair hearing."

Add your voice today because the OLT hearing is Wednesday September 1.

If you want to watch the proceedings on September 1 10:00 AM at you can. The OLT uses the GoToMeetings App. Download it first. The go to The Access code is 979-388-733

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