Lost Trees of Ottawa

October 21, 2019


Share your memories of a lost tree, by adding a pin to the Lost Trees of Ottawa map along with a photograph and personal memory of the tree. Two coloured pins are available: one for trees lost due to natural causes (old age, sickness), and another for trees lost due to human action (infill, land clearing, etc.). 


The link is here. Start in the lower bar by typing in an address or zooming in (+ or -) until you can see where the tree used to be. Then select the Pin icon along the bottom to Add a Tree, and select the reason the tree came down. Place the Pin on the map at the appropriate location, and add text and a photograph (scroll down to add attachments). Hit SAVE, to affix the Pin to the map. Select clear to go back and add another tree.


Please keep your description polite and factual. 

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